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Personal Advancement Coach

Dream Today
Change Tomorrow
Are you unhappy with how you look? Are you held back from trying things you want to do? Are you robbed of opportunities because of your lack of self confidence?

What Do I Do?

I am passionate about helping people who’ve been missing out on something they’ve always wanted to do. I was stuck in my life and I changed my life. Now I get to help others that are stuck and want to accomplish their dreams.

If you want to change your body, don’t wait. I’m here to help you.

If you want to change your work, relationships, or other areas, let’s talk and create a plan for your success.

I’m a personal advancement coach and I am ready to invest in helping you achieve your dreams. I’m excited about helping you achieve your goals.

I’ve been able to change my body and my life. If you aren’t sure you can change, you can count on me to provide you the support you need to achieve your dreams.


Omar really helped me shift my mindset, I learned how powerful I really am. Working with Omar I was able to make drastic improvements in my career, and my health and fitness.

Yaseen M

A Bit About Me

I couldn’t seem to change. The truth is, I was afraid to change.

I was afraid to try new things. I wasn’t just a bit afraid, I was scared. It was scary for me to try. It was scary for me to fail. It was scary for me to try again. I know if I had a Personal Advancement Coach, with me every step of the way, it would have been easier – and not as scary either. I want to help you every step of the way to your breakthrough.

I lacked self confidence. I didn’t think I wasn’t going to be good enough, so I wouldn’t take the chance to do it, whether it was sports, a job or talking to a girl I liked.

When I started to try to change, I was a failure at first, but I persisted.

Omar Fattali Personal Advancement Coach

How It Works

Dream Today.  Change Today.

Connect with Omar


We meet and make sure we can work together
You Commit to Change


You commit to changing. I commit to helping you.
You Start Achieving Your Goals

The Pay Off

You start to achieve your goals today.
You Continue Your Success


You use the tools I’ve provided you to continue success

How I Work With You

I will work with you to create a customized plan for the goals you want to accomplish.

Goals that could be a part of your custom plan could be: changing your body, dating, increasing your self confidence, changing how you interact with others at work, and a host of positive goals that will impact your life.

I give you my time during scheduled appointments AND I’m available on call or text – for anything big or small. We meet you where it’s comfortable and convenient for you. Whatever goals you want to achieve –let’s do it!

I’m here to help guide you and keep you motivated to your breakthrough.

Start Your Breakthrough

Stop missing out of the things you’ve wanted to do. I will help you to stop dreaming and start doing. Whatever goals you want, let’s do it!